7 types of babywearing moms that you will definitely come across if you are into babywearing

After 6 months of babywearing my son and being a part of most of the brands that make baby carriers’ groups on facebook, Instagram, what’s app  etc.. I have come across the following most common types of people into babywearing or just introduced to it for the first time or common statements that you hear from them -

#1 "My baby is too big for babywearing”

The minute these parents hear it’s a “carrier” for their 10+ kg baby turning into a toddler they dread carrying them. They don’t even want to consider the other benefits of babywearing and situations in their toddler’s and their lives when it will prove to be a real saviour.

   #2 "My husband is going to kill me for buying so many carriers”

            A very common statement from the real babywearing mummas who buy almost each type of a baby carrier (ring sling, mei tai,  SSC, wraps, onbus etc. and a lot of times more than one of each type. The husbands just cannot understand why do we need more than 1 carrier to carry 1 baby at 1 time?????

#3 "Finally we achieved sleepy dust..yay!!!”

               And many more similar updates with selfies of the mummy and baby in their carrier spammed across all babywearing groups.

#4 “If I were to buy just 1 carrier, which one should it be?” or “Which is the best carrier?”

This type of a babywearing mom is extremely satisfied or interested in buying exactly 1 carrier as she is very sure she does not want to get into babywearing madness and buy all carriers, but offcourse you never know with babywearing :)


#5 A non feminine colour or print is what’s on their mind.

#6 Ring Sling lovers – They have a ring sling from almost every brand


#7 Wrap queens

You will see their photos in beautiful carries almost every 2-3 days and that too in wraps from different brands (international and Indian)


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