I thought I couldn’t enjoy festivals as a new mom, then I discovered babywearing!



Life after motherhood is version 2.0. Everything changes! Largely, a mother's freedom is in jeopardy.

A lot of times, this can get overwhelming. Aren't updated versions supposed to be better than the previous ones?


But instead of embracing our little ones, we embrace negativity, loneliness, zero "me" time, comfort junk food, an unhealthy lifestyle and depression. I succumbed to the same as a new mother. I missed the pre-baby me. I missed going out at whim, missed my sleep. But what I missed the most, was having fun during festivals.


While my family and friends enjoyed mingling around and travelling around the city during the festive season, I found it difficult with a baby in tow. But I’m not the one to give up.


In my quest to resurrect my independence, I came across – babywearing. It took off the weight I carried on my shoulders, weight of being able to do it all. This expectation was weighing me down until I found my parenting partner- my Anmol.


I am an outdoor person. I itch at the slightest idea of doing nothing, or worse, being a couch potato. The magic wand that ushered me out of all this itchiness was my ergonomic baby carrier. It came in as a ray of light on a December day.

I stepped out to purchase my very own carrier from Babyfit Joy Studio and from then on, there was no looking back. In 7 days from its purchase, me and my little one did our first ever marathon. I was dancing to the loud music on stage at the Pinkathon event with my baby sleeping peacefully in the carrier. I knew it's a new beginning. I made fellow mommy friends, vented, laughed and made memories for a lifetime. Babywearing propelled me out of my shell. 


From then on, my baby carrier has been a partner in parenting for me. As for enjoying during festivals, well, I rang in the Maharashtrian New Year with a huge procession in the midst of hordes of people, thanks to babywearing!

 Being an amateur photographer, I wanted to capture all these memories with my little one tucked safely close to me without having to worry about her running away or getting lost in the crowd. My daughter and I enjoyed the entire event under the sweltering heat of 42℃.


The annual procession has interesting scenarios recreated for visual pleasure; scenarios of Ram, Lakshman and Sita, another one being Shivaji Maharaj to Lt General Abhinandan returning home. It was a sight not to be missed.

As I was babywearing, my little one on my back, it helped me keep her close at eye level while I took pictures of the event. A lot of onlookers acknowledged my enthusiasm and called me the modern Jhansi ki Rani. Bawearing in Rani Laxmi Bai's age until today has always helped a woman unshackle her lost freedom. It has given independence to a mother while caring and carrying her little one, be it at a crowded gathering or a walk alone in the park. 


Stepping out with my little one has never made me feel dependent or uncomfortable; rather, it's liberating and empowering. 


My passion for the outdoors suffered when I was asked to sit at home and manage my baby, now a toddler. But after discovering babywearing, we took off on a trek and we enjoyed it to the T. I knew my darling was safe and both of us could enjoy the same sights at the same time, experience them and live the moment to the fullest. We have been to a lot of butterfly and bird spotting trips and treks in the past. All this would not have been possible had I given up or given in to the social norms of being at home...After all, why should a stay at home mom, just STAY at home? 


We turn heads when my tiny tot and I trot around in my very own Anmol baby carrier. And every time that happens, I know it's a step, a motivation of sorts to every mother out there to create memories. Festivals, marathons or mountain climbs - you get to relish these moments only once - Capture them in smiles and not miles or milestones.