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Sustainability being our core philosophy, we strive hard to ensure there is meaning in everything we do. Our carriers use fabrics that are handwoven cottons and are dyed using baby-safe dyes. Anmol not only offers comfortable and ergonomic baby carriers, but also has a strong community of mothers that support each other. Be it babywearing or lactation, our aim is to support every new parent and equip them with the baby carrier most suitable to their requirement. A portion of our sale proceeds go to a breastfeeding support group that focuses on parent and child well-being. We have a space designed and equipped for parent-child workout, to promote fitness among new mothers and help them connect with each other. We also engage in offline activities and events that encourage empowerment to women and more importantly mothers.

Taking the cause of being an environmentally conscious brand further, we make use of the wrap scraps to manufacture upcycled accessories like baby blankets, tote bags, soft soles, drool pads, toys, nursing scarves, buntings, etc.

All our products are designed with a constant engagement and connection with the users, making them extremely user friendly.

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