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We work with local weavers to make fabrics that are custom-woven to an optimum thickness to suit the purpose of babywearing. The fabrics are yarn-dyed in gentle colours, using baby-safe dyes. The art of hand weaving is an indigenous knowledge of our country, with it being appreciated globally but still lesser known within India. The fabrics come with their natural nubs and slubs that are a part of the beauty of a hand-woven fabric, without affecting the functionality or durability of the fabric. We, along with our buyers are making a conscious choice to make a difference to the livelihoods of our artisans and offer them a dignified way of life and at the same time restore our traditional arts and crafts.

When you buy Anmol, you know that you have brought home the best fabric that will feel comfortable, breathable and cuddlicious for you and your little one. We have a vast range of products suitable for your child, right from the newborn stage (~2.7 Kgs ) all the way until toddlerhood and beyond (upto 22 Kgs). In spite of using hand woven fabrics, we are competitively priced, with carriers that suit every need and every pocket. Our products are known for their designs, weaves and colours beside the quality of fabrics.

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