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'That's the thing with handmade items. They still have the person's mark on them, and when you hold them, you feel less alone.' - Aimee Bender  

Founder’s Story

Rashmee Bhatia Gajra, an architect by profession and a mother of two, had taken her decision to babywear her second child. Unable to find a comfortable ergonomic baby carrier across the country, she decided to make one herself. That was the birth of the Anmol Hybrid Wraps. She began extensively working literally out of her living room. The rest is a story told by all the work that has been done by and for Anmol. Today Anmol has Soft Structured Carriers, Ring Slings, Handwoven Wraps and Meh Dais, that are suited for babies at various ages and weights. We at Anmol, have consciously chosen to use sustainable handwoven fabrics in our carriers. As we call it, slow fashion/handwoven luxury. We aim to make babywearing an integral part of parenting.

Our community engagement

The beauty of a handmade product is that it carries the soul of the artisan. It talks about the hours spent visualising, creating and perfecting it. 

At Anmol, we collaborate with handloom co-operatives that offer employment to weavers across India, adopting every region's distinctive weaves and customising designs for our handwoven babywearing wraps.  The production of handwoven fabric provides local artisans with sustained work and better livelihoods. 

Nurturing these narratives of heirloom arts that take years to master, sometimes even generations. we constantly strive to create new fabrics that have a global appeal with local sensibilities.

Our team

We are a team of women who are each an expert in their professional field as well a job they do to their best - ‘being a MOM’. And hence, our focus is always to support our creed. Team Anmol is always looking for making products and baby carriers keeping the minutest of the mommy detailing in mind. Being babywearing educators ourselves, we understand the requirements of the parents and also the ergonomics & chiropractics of babywearing.

We look to promote not only our products but also our services by regularly organising babywearing meet ups for trials and spreading babywearing knowledge. We also have online support groups, where we are always available for troubleshooting, constant support and hand-holding for all in need.

When you buy an Anmol product, you are making an ‘anmol’ difference to the lives of all those who come together to make it.

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