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Reversible (Two Sided)

An eclectic collaboration of two of our popular, beloved wraps resulted in the versatile Rickshaw-Videh Reversible Meh Dai. Flip to suit your mood/style/choice everytime you babywear! The double-sided wrap-converted body panel is beautifully complemented by the bright orange handwovencotton waist an..
Ex Tax:₹4,642.86
The timeless classic from Anmol, the hugely popular Saptrangi Wrap makes a comeback in the form of the Saptrangi Full Wrap-converted Meh Dai. The entire Meh Dai, including the body panel, the waistband and the waist and shoulder straps are made of this bright rainbow-hued handwovenwrap. NOTE: Thi..
Ex Tax:₹5,000.00
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