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Radha Gold Pleated Gold Ring Sling

Radha Gold Pleated Gold Ring Sling
Radha Gold Pleated Gold Ring Sling
Radha Gold Pleated Gold Ring Sling
Radha Gold Pleated Gold Ring Sling
Radha Gold Pleated Gold Ring Sling
Radha Gold Pleated Gold Ring Sling
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Radha Gold Pleated Gold Ring Sling
Just as the name signifies,Radha (meaning prosperity and success) Ring Sling provides a constant and unshakeable presence in the lives of a mother and child. The soothing cascade of various shades of green and yellow brings in a restful and calming influence. The green rings adorning this beautiful and harmonious ring sling completes the entire look. It is buttery soft and cushy enough to be used with a newborn, at the same time grippy and sturdy, making it extremely toddler-worthy too.
Made from (Fabric) 100% organic cotton Jacquard-woven wrap
Ideal for age Newborn - 4 years
Ideal for weight 3 kg - 22 kg
Special Features
  • Ideal for skin-to-skin carries with newborns.
  • Pleated shoulders.
  • One size fits all.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Tapered tails to reduce bulk when worn.
  • Recommended carries - front facing-in, hip and back.
  • Uses entire back and one shoulder to evenly distribute weight of baby.
  • Completely customizable - can be worn it in a way which helps create the perfect fit for you and your baby.
  • Convenient and compact to carry.
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    With Pleated Shoulders this style of Ring Sling is extremely easy to use. Perfect for beginners and especially nice for those with narrow shoulders as it does not particularly cup the shoulder.

    The Anmol Jacquard-woven Wraps, from which these ring slings are made, are made from superior quality 100% cotton yarns, dyed using child-friendly dyes, lovingly custom-designed and handwoven to optimum thickness – especially suited for babywearing. Being extremely breathable, these wraps are perfect for tropical and humid climates.
    The wraps are woven with love in India, by craftsmen who have been in the tradition of hand-weaving for hundreds of years. They have been woven with no child labour at any stage, and to encourage the dying art of hand-weaving in India. Each wrap has its share of natural nubs and slubs, which is a typical feature of hand woven fabrics. This in no way affects the functionality of the product.

    We do not recommend back carry or hip carry until your baby has strong and consistent head, neck, and torso control, and can push him/herself independently into, and remain in, a seated position on a consistent basis.
  • Spot clean with a soft, moist cloth as and when needed.
  • Release tails from the rings before washing.
  • Cover the rings in a cloth (suggestion- socks) before putting the ring sling in the washing machine.
  • Preferably hand wash in salt water for the first two washes.
  • Machine-washable (not too often), in cold water, using the gentle cycle.
  • Slightly shrinks on washing.
  • Needs a wash or two to soften up.
  • Tumble- dry on low setting or line-dry in shade.
  • Steam ironing easily removes wrinkles and softens the fabric.
  • If your Ring Sling would not be used for a long time, wrap it in a soft cotton cloth and store in a dry and cool place until the next usage.
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