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Double Ikat Square Black and White...

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Double Ikat Square Red & White...

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Ajrakh Cottage Patch Hybrid Wrap -...

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Ikat Indradhanush Black

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Indigo Bird Hybrid Wrap

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Kairi B&W Red Hybrid Wrap

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Newborn Hybrid Baby Carrier Wrap Online

The Anmol Best Newborn Hybrid Baby Carrier Wrap (0-24 Months) Online, is easy to use a

baby-wearing wrap carrier with simple tying instructions that make it your perfect choice as your first baby carrier.
The perfect accompaniment in your hospital bag - best suited for your newborn, all the way to toddlerhood (up to 15 kgs).
Amazingly soft and lightweight, the Anmol hybrid wrap is extremely supportive and has a bit of stretch to it as well. With the snugness of a stretchy wrap and the support of a woven wrap tie, this once and then wear it out and about. The stretch makes it easy to use and the support means you can use it for a lot longer than a full stretchy wrap. The woven panel in our wrap allows it to retain its shape and not loosen or sag over a period of time as you re-adjust to nurse or take the baby out. You can comfortably and discreetly nurse your newborn in the wrap. Wrapping creates an amazing experience where you instantly feel the love and can bond with the baby. The wrap allows for a very comfortable babywearing carry due to the fabric spreading across your back. 

Additionally “Bump wrapping” technique has been used by many cultures the world over to ease some of the discomforts of very late pregnancy due to heaviness or discomfort. Supporting the pelvis with the length of the hybrid stretchy wrap can help additional areas of discomfort for the pregnant body. The wrap around the pelvis, at pubic bone height, will help stabilise the sacroiliac joint and pubic symphysis joints, which is the cause of so much Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP).  The lower support also takes the pressure off the thoracic region and may help with rib, upper back pain and neck pain. Women often find the discomfort of indigestion and breathing is also improved due to the way the wrap allows for opening the chest up while simultaneously supporting the belly making it a more relaxed experience. 



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