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Founder’s Story

My Story 

My first born was a preemie. He was born just 1 kg. As a new  mother, I wanted to do everything I could to get him to thrive. I read up a lot on how baby-wearing was one of the  best ways to help your baby nurse, grow and thrive well. I  couldn’t really find the perfect carrier. By the time I had my  second born I had made my own wrap which I believed to be  the perfect way to give my baby everything he needed.  

This is where the idea of Anmol was born.  

Anmol. The unique bond that you share with your baby is all  about you. It’s your little story with you and your baby that  will form the foundation of a long and loving relationship for  years to come. 

I really hope you enjoy wearing your baby just as so many mothers around the globe have. It has been my constant endeavour to provide the very best in quality, design & ergonomics to give you an experience that you will cherish and  remember for a long time. 

Anmol has been my way to spread the love & thank the universe for my two lovely children. Do spread it ahead and  let others enjoy this experience just as much as you will. 


Rashmee is the founder of Anmol Baby, an architect turned babywearing promoter, babywearing consultant and is passionate about working with new parents to help create a secure connect with their babies so that they can nurture their babies handsfree in the most comfortable way and continue doing what they love to do! 

Our Story

Anmol Baby Carriers is India’s First Certified and Tested Ergonomic Baby Carrier brand, and a proud business member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA). We make comfortable, luxurious baby carriers which are designed by us and handwoven by local artisans thus preserving the dying art of handweaving. We aim at making babywearing a part of every baby’s development and make parenting fun and convenient. Made with love and care in India, Anmol Baby has a global outreach with its wraps, ring slings and baby carriers travelling and being loved across the globe.


We are a brand that not only sells our products but also actively promotes the concept of babywearing and the benefits associated with it. We run and support several workshops and events that are relevant to expecting and new parents. We also assist and support new Sling Libraries - a knowledge hub, with many babywearing educators and volunteers, where parents can seek help in trying out different carriers by different brands and rent them out or purchase them across India.



Within a few years of its inception, Anmol Baby Carriers has, in its kitty, the following awards:

AnmolBaby Awards      AnmolBaby Award 11


  1. KidsStop Press Award 2014 for Best Mommy Venture

  2. KidsStop Press Award 2014 for Innovative Product of the Year (2nd runner-up)

  3. KidsStop Press Award 2015 for Best Mommy Venture (1st runner-up)

  4. KidsStop Press Award 2016 for Best Social Enterprise Working with Women and Children

  5. Baby Chakra Award 2106 for Top Caregivers Supporting Breastfeeding Mothers

  6. Nominated for the KidsStop Press Award 2017 for Best Social Enterprise Working With Women & Children

  7. Radio City Icon Award 2018 in the Baby Carrier category


Philosophy – sustainability

Sustainability being our core philosophy, we strive hard to ensure there is meaning in everything we do. Our carriers use fabrics that are handwoven cottons and are dyed using baby-safe dyes. Anmol not only offers comfortable and ergonomic baby carriers, but also has a strong community of mothers that support each other. Be it babywearing or lactation, our aim is to support every new parent and equip them with the baby carrier most suitable to their requirement. A portion of our sale proceeds go to a breastfeeding support group that focuses on parent and child well-being. We have a space designed and equipped for parent-child workout, to promote fitness among new mothers and help them connect with each other. We also engage in offline activities and events that encourage empowerment to women and more importantly mothers.

Taking the cause of being an environmentally conscious brand further, we make use of the wrap scraps to manufacture upcycled accessories like baby blankets, tote bags, soft soles, drool pads, toys, nursing scarves, buntings, etc.

All our products are designed with a constant engagement and connection with the users, making them extremely user friendly.

sustainability anmolbaby  sustainability anmolbaby

sustainability anmolbaby


We work with local weavers to make fabrics that are custom-woven to an optimum thickness to suit the purpose of babywearing. The fabrics are yarn-dyed in gentle colours, using baby-safe dyes. The art of hand weaving is an indigenous knowledge of our country, with it being appreciated globally but still lesser known within India. The fabrics come with their natural nubs and slubs that are a part of the beauty of a hand-woven fabric, without affecting the functionality or durability of the fabric. We, along with our buyers are making a conscious choice to make a difference to the livelihoods of our artisans and offer them a dignified way of life and at the same time restore our traditional arts and crafts.

When you buy Anmol, you know that you have brought home the best fabric that will feel comfortable, breathable and cuddlicious for you and your little one. We have a vast range of products suitable for your child, right from the newborn stage (~2.7 Kgs ) all the way until toddlerhood and beyond (upto 22 Kgs). In spite of using hand woven fabrics, we are competitively priced, with carriers that suit every need and every pocket. Our products are known for their designs, weaves and colours beside the quality of fabrics.

 Fabric AnmolBaby Fabric AnmolBaby



Our team

We are a team of women who are each an expert in their professional field as well a job they do to their best - ‘being a MOM’. And hence, our focus is always to support our creed. Team Anmol is always looking for making products and baby carriers keeping the minutest of the mommy detailing in mind. Being babywearing educators ourselves, we understand the requirements of the parents and also the ergonomics & chiropractics of babywearing.

We look to promote not only our products but also our services by regularly organising babywearing meet ups for trials and spreading babywearing knowledge. We also have online support groups, where we are always available for troubleshooting, constant support and hand-holding for all in need.

When you buy an Anmol product, you are making an ‘anmol’ difference to the lives of all those who come together to make it.


Our community engagement

The beauty of a handmade product is that it carries the soul of the artisan. It talks about the hours spent visualising, creating and perfecting it. 

At Anmol, we collaborate with handloom co-operatives that offer employment to weavers across India, adopting every region's distinctive weaves and customising designs for our handwoven babywearing wraps.  The production of handwoven fabric provides local artisans with sustained work and better livelihoods. 

Nurturing these narratives of heirloom arts that take years to master, sometimes even generations. we constantly strive to create new fabrics that have a global appeal with local sensibilities.

 community engagement  AnmolBaby


You are so Worth it! Join the more than 10k parents using our carriers - Here's What Our Customers Say:

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