Rain Or Shine - Happy Babywearing

By Rashmee Gajra

Female wearing babywears


Babywearing in the Rains!

Our babies love being outdoors at least for some time in the day. Either in the stroller or carried in our arms. Now imagine the rain comes pouring down - there goes your plan for that evening walk you and your baby cherish so deeply.Well, maybe not!!!Babywearing in the rains actually works wonderfully well. You can use an umbrella because both hands are free as opposed to when you are using a stroller. Both you and your baby can stay dry! Some carriers have a hood to put over the baby. But when you babywear in a wrap/sling, they are so close they snuggle in out of the wind and they stay warm with your body heat.

"I wear my dd and go out for evening walks. Why should rain spoil our daily routine?? Just carry a big umbrella and proper footwear so that you don't slip!" says Dhvani Shah: Mumbai Babywearing mum braving the rains with such ease all thanks to her Anmol Soft Structured Carrier.

Whether it's the busy streets of Mumbai or Tokyo, Saori wears her baby in the rains and is thrilled to do so. She finds it easy to be out - "It's also a rainy season in Tokyo and we enjoyed roaming around the city .Better than anything when u go in a heavy crowd with umbrella. Now back in Mumbai, I am feeling excited to go out in the heavy rain!"


What makes babywearing really easy?

Apart from being hands free, it is also the comfort that your baby gets from being so close to their mom or dad or grandparent.

Both the wearer and the baby are at peace and feel secure and comfortable. Babies are calm when babyworn and for mum there's a great Ocytocin flow which creates confidence and sense of well being while babywearing.

Says Koshali Mum of two, "I wear my lil one, take the umbrella and off to school to bring my elder one back home .. It's sad when I see other moms at school juggling their tiny ones in their arms... I wish they were aware of babywearing!"

Babywearing meets more needs than the eye can see.

There are times when you just can't avoid being out in the rains - for work or pleasure! Dr Aditi Lele Shares "Our first outside experience was last week visiting docs, the path lab etc (not for the baby) on a rainy evening." Chances are she would have to ditch doing the task were it not for babywearing.

On holidays in the rain, says Reshma "Ya.. in heavy rains of Mumbai Full day babywearing"

Babywearing isn't just for moms : Some Dads, Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts have all babyworn and have enjoyed it thoroughly. Have a look at the infographic to acquaint yourself with the benefits of babywearing... & Happy babywearing! Rain or shine

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