5 Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as New Parents

By Rashmee Gajra

Valentine’s Day as New Parents

The month of love is all about romance, gifts, and coziness. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, couples are planning something special for each other. But after marriage, the ways of celebration change. Valentine’s Day after getting married is still a special kind of feeling with long drives, diner plans, late-night dessert dates, and more. But when you become a parent, everything around you changes and so does the day of love. As you welcome a new member to the family, it’s important to plan the special day in such a way that you three could enjoy it. The dates can change into takeaways, gifts can transform into looking for the best infant carriers for newborns online. As the day is still a special one, let’s look at a few ways you can still make this day a memorable one. 

5 ways how new parents can enjoy Valentine’s Day  

Don’t follow the stereotypes: 

There are a lot of stereotypical norms related to Valentine’s Day. Fancy dates, expensive gifts, long drives, etc. But if you truly think, a day like this needs only two people to make it a special one. It doesn’t always need to be fancy. After you become a parent, the world around you changes drastically. But you can still celebrate these special days in your own simple way. Order some good food from a local restaurant, binge-watch your favorite show or even have a movie night. Do something that both of you enjoy and makes you feel happy.  

Use the virtual space:

After we got introduced to social media, everything around us changed. People who live far away from each other can always talk or see each other on video calls. So you can always take advantage of this technology. After marriage or having a child, it sometimes becomes difficult to get out of the house for dates and stuff. Maybe you are still stuck in your office work and your partner is taking care of the baby. So you can always use the virtual world as an escape. Use text messages, video calls, and other virtual ways. Don’t let your partner feel alone or sad. Make her/him realize that you’re always there and trying everything to make Valentine’s Day special for both of you.     

Be unapologetic while making plans: 

Many of the couples still live with their parents or in-laws. While having elders in the house, new parents could feel a little bit of hesitation while making certain plans on Valentine’s Day. The elders don’t know or don’t believe in the concept of these special days and can often become judgmental. But does this really mean that you should not make any plans together for the special day? Absolutely not! Don’t let anyone else make the decision for you. Becoming a parent can be really exhausting. It affects you both mentally and physically. So if you’re willing to spend some quality time with each other on a certain day, there is nothing wrong with that. Let your elders take care of the baby and plan a beautiful evening with your dear one. You had a hectic year, you earned that evening.    

A special gift for a special day: 

Gifts can make any day a special one. Valentine’s Day can become really special and memorable if you both come up with unique and memorable gifts for each other. It doesn’t have to be expensive jewelry or a huge teddy bear. Think of something out of the box, like a restaurant voucher, or even an appointment to a spa or something like that. Make your partner believe that you really thought it through. Don’t forget a gift for the baby too. Look for the best infant carriers for newborns or even ergonomic hybrid wraps for babies, it can be anything that would be helpful for your partner to take good care of the baby.   

Make this day about the three of you: 

Though Valentine’s Day is all about the couples but after having kids the definitions of many things change with time. Plan something while including the baby. Buy the best infant carriers for newborns and drive to a beautiful place to spend some quality time. Have dinner while your baby can see other people and play with toys. Plan a picnic or even you three can visit a zoo. Go to a movie, watch something that would make your baby as well as you two happy. At the end of the day, it’s all about love and affection.  So with the baby, everything would feel new and really exciting. Spend some precious time with your family and enjoy the day of love the way you want to.       

This Valentine’s Day, give your baby a precious gift that would make things a little bit easier for you two. Visit and buy the best infant carriers for newborns or any other high-quality baby carriers to celebrate the day of love together with your child.



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